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10% Discount for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Healthcare Workers

(Wholesale and business pricing available-see detailed price list)


Buy your Soil from the Source

We Sell
  • ​Mulch

  • Hardwood fines

  • Garden Soil

  • Top Soil

  • Fill

  • Vermicompost

  • Compost

  • Firewood

We Accept
  • Brush

  • Logs

  • Manure

  • Unsuitable Soil

  • Mulch

Site work
  • Grading

  • Site preparation

  • Mowing

  • Horse arenas


$35yd Retail

Our Topsoil is composted plant material.  Be aware that some places sell fill dirt and call it topsoil.  They are NOT interchangeable.  Our topsoil is dark and rich in organic matter and has a pH of between 7.0 and 7.4 (note that a pH of 7 is considered neutral)

Garden Soil

$45/yd Retail 

Our Garden soil is our "premier" blend of 50% composted plant material and 50% composted horse manure.  The combination of "green" and "brown" ingredients provide a solid carbon to nitrogen (C:N) ratio foundation for all planting applications.  The pH generally ranges from 7.4 to 7.8.  For  plants that require a lower pH, simply add pine bark fines.


$25/bag Retail

Vermicompost is earth's best natural soil enhancer.  Our vermicompost is a combination of composted horse manure, composted food waste and worm castings.  It can be used at full strength or sprinkled around plants. 

We add a cup with a dozen live worms with every bag!

Screened Natural Mulch

$24/yd Retail 

Our Screened natural mulch is a mix of hardwoods and pine and is further screened to remove fine particles.  It is a perfect addition to any landscape


$18/yd retail 

Fill dirt is inert material free of significant organic matter.  It is ideal for filling in or elevating large areas.  Fill dirt is not recommended for growing plants



$35/yd Retail 

Our Compost is  composted horse manure and stall bedding.  It is high in nutrient value (NPK) but also high in pH and should not be used alone in most planting applications.  It is meant for soil enrichment.   The pH is generally between 7.8  and 8.4 .



$30/35 pieces or $235/pallet

High quality Oak firewood available year-round.  May be purchased by the pallet which is equivalent to a half cord or in small quantities as low as 35 pieces

hardwood fines.jpeg


Hardwood Fines

$24/yd retail

Softer and smaller pieces of hardwood mulch that is excellent for mulching around smaller delicate plants.  Also an excellent choice for walking paths

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